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Mikroclima Home Gardener Packs

Knitted polyethylene crop cover/frost cloth - Home Gardener Packs

This incredibly versatile crop cover is used to protect crops and plants from frost, heavy rain, hail, cool winds, flying insects and birds.

Mikroclima can also be used to create an ideal growing environment which promotes growth and yield while also extending the growing season.

Manufactured in Italy, Mikroclima is knitted from thin strips of strong - but very light - transparent UV stabilised polyethylene thread. 
Mikroclima is permeable to air and water creating an ideal growing environment. 
It retains its strength when wet or frosty and resists unravelling or tearing. If care is taken in the handling and storing of Mikroclima it will last several years. 

Mikroclima weighs approx. 35-38 grams/sqm, provides shading of around 16%-18% and will give frost protection of 2-4°.

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