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Tunnet Heavy Weight Knitted Polyethylene

 Tunnet is a cover very similar to Mikroclima, but it is heavier and stronger, Tunnet is the ideal cover for low cost semi-permanent structures and shelters.

Knitted from transparent UV stabilised polyethylene thread, Tunnet is permeable to air and water, preventing overheating, excessive humidity and condensation. 

Tunnet is permeable to air and water which helps to prevent overheating, excessive humidity and condensation and provides ideal growing conditions.

Tunnet weighs 80grams/sqm, has a break strength of 450kg/m, has a covering of 98%, shading of 19% and frost protection of 2-4º.   

Tunnet has been used with great success over a wide range of structures, from small individual shelters to protect shrubs or trees ( avocados ), cloches for vegetable growing, low lying hydroponics and watercress systems to large canopies covering vegetables, flowers and tropical fruit trees.  Fantastic for a propagation house!  

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