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Polynet SideNet for Vineyards

Polynet SideNet is a netting developed by Polynet Products Limited for the protection of grapes from bird damage.

The very cost effective, lightweight, flat filament netting is run along and then attached to both sines of the vine creating a protective envelope around valuable fruit.
This allows the top of the canopy to perform uninhibited, whle also allowing much easier access, for spraying and inter row mowing. Polynet SideNet is knitted with a near transparent thread which offers minimal shading to vines.

Many great reports on performance throughout New Zealand over last 15 seasons.

 Knitted from high quality UV stabilised transparent polyethylene # Minimal shading of just 4-5%
 Narrow mesh to exclude smallest of birds.
 At approx. 17g/sqm SideNet is stronger and easier to handle than lightweight balenets.
 Long lasting - foliage won't grow through net so much, dramatically reducing the potential for both net and vine damage during net retrieval.
 Contrasting edges for quick and easy edge identification during fastening and while re-rolling.

 Available in two different widths. 1.23m and 1.64m x 2000m rolls.
 Cost effective, from around 30 & 40 cents per row metre of vine, covered on both sides.
 Will work with any of several sidenet application and retrieval units now available.

Special End of Stock special offer 2021


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