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2.4m x 7mm Fibreglass Rod

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Size: 2.4m x 7mm Fibreglass Rod

Pulltruded fibreglass rod 6.8mm dia. cut to 2.4m lengths in a grey colour. 
Excellent for the construction of cloches.

2.4m rods ideally span 1.4m - to form a perfect semi-circle  - and should be spaced 1.2 - 2.0m apart.

These more flexible rods can be bent to 1.24m width - allowing 150mm to be inserted into the ground on each side and combined with 2m wide Mikroclima.

Please contact us if you require the longer 2.8m, 3.1m or 4.1m fibreglass rods.
These are not listed on the online shop because of freight variations.

Price does not include GST

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