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.Mikroclima Home Gardener Packs


Mikroclima - Knitted polyethelene crop cover/frost cloth.

Home Gardener Packs 2m x 10m, 3m x 7m or 4m x 5m

New stock arriving June 22

This incredibly versatile crop cover is used to protect crops and plants from frost, heavy rain, hail, cool winds, flying insects and birds. For more info see..  Mikroclima

Combine 2m wide Mikroclima with 1.5m, 2.1m or 2.4m fibreglass rods to make a cloche.
Combine 3m wide Mikroclima with  2.4m or 3.1m fibreglass rods to make a cloche.
4m x 5m in a good size for wrapping a tree, as a thermal blanket inside a plastic or glass house or used directly on a crop or lawn.

Price does not include freight or GST.

Combine with 'Home Gardener Special' freight option for Nationwide delivery in New Zealand for $52.00 including GST & freight.