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Millenium Silver - High Strength Polypropylene Mesh


Millennium is an innovative new fencing material, with very high tensile strength, thanks to the molecular orientation in both longitudinal and transversal directions.

The unique silver colour and shape of the mesh make Millennium an ideal lightweight alternative to metallic nets.

Millennium is easy to install, it is rustproof, strong but flexible; it does not conduct electricity or effect electromagnetic fields ie. at airports, radar installations etc.
Millennium is particularly suitable for bio-architecture, pet/stock control, security or safety fencing, sports fencing and any temporary fencing.

Excellent for supporting climbing plants or turned into cylinders for shrub/tree protection.

Extruded & bi-oriented polypropylene mesh with a permanent ‘silver’ colour.
Weight 200gm/sqm, mesh size 33mm x 36mm.   Tensile strength - longitudinal direction 11.5 kN/m - transversal direction 16.0 kN/m.

Available in rolls 1m x 10m Shop Here, 2m x 50m or 4m x 50
2m wide Millenium is available in cut lengths.  

Download Polynet's 8 page pdf Product Information and Price Catalogue here!

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