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Nurseries & Flower Growers Information Page

Polynet Products Limited offer a range of innovative (and often exclusive) netting products to Nurseries & Flower Growers.

Nurseries use MIKROCLIMA as a throw over protective cover or fixed over frames or cloche hoops (fibreglass rods) to give protection from cold winds, heavy rain, hail and frosts. Plants nurtured in a protected or heated environment may be placed under Mikroclima or Tunnet to ‘harden up’ in a semi protected environment before sale.

Flower Growers use MIKROCLIMA for protection from cold and frost, either over structures or hoops or as a thermal blanket installed inside a glass or plastic house to defuse light, slow down heat loss and reduce condensation or to cover seed raising beds to retain heat and moisture.
Because Mikroclima is permeable to air and water, and because Mikroclima retains its strength when wet, it is ideal for use as a cloche cover.
Polynet supplies a range of FIBREGLASS RODS designed for this purpose.

HORTONOVA & HORTINET Flower and vegetable support netting - Tenax Hortonova is a white bi-oriented plastic mesh designed specifically for the support of vegetables and flowers.  This support creates an environment in which crops receive maximum exposure to light and air. Excellent for supporting climbing vegetables like beans, peas, cucumbers.  Hortonova is available in 3 different grid sizes and 1000m rolls.

ECOTEX/COVERTEX weedmat. Manufactured in Italy, Ecotex is a high quality, strong & durable, non toxic weedmat, tightly woven from UV stabilised polyethylene.  Available in Black or White in rolls 1.05m, 2.1m or 4.2m wide.

OLIRETE Olive and Nut collection netting / bird netting. Light weight - low cost. Knitted with a small sized square shaped mesh.
Olirete is easy to handle and retains its shape. Available in 4m or 6m widths - 1000sqm rolls.

FOOD NET Food grade drying mesh. 9mm sq. aperture for effective air curculation.
Also used for fencing, rigid windbreak or hothouse/aviary ventilatin. Available in rolls or cut lengths 1m wide.

TENAX FR1 High strength extruded polyproylene plaster and concrete reinforcement mesh.
Ideal for use in non-structual concreting projects to reinforce and prevent cracking. Available in rolls or cut lengths 1m or 2m wide.

Download Polynet's 8 page pdf Product Information and Price Catalogue here!

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