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Polynet Products Limited offer a range of innovative (and often exclusive) netting products to home gardeners.

Protect your garden from the elements and pests to increase the quality and yield of your crop.  
Increase your enjoyment and satisfaction from gardening with these quality Italian manufactured products.

MIKROCLIMA knitted polythelene crop cover is incredibly versatile and is used to promote yield while protecting crops and plants from frost, heavy rain,
hail, cool winds, flying insects and birds.

Because Mikroclima is permeable to air and water, and because Mikroclima retains its strength when wet, it is ideal for use as a cloche cover.
Fantastic growing condition can be acheived using cloches set up in garden plots or with raised beds.
Polynet supplies a range of FIBREGLASS RODS designed for this purpose.

Mikroclima is also used directly over fragile crops & shrubs particularly citrus and tropical fruit trees. Other home garden uses include as a thermal blanket installed in a tunnel or glasshouse to slow down heat loss reduce condensation and increase frost protection.



POLYNET-SIDENET - knitted polyethylene bird netting - while manufactured for use by commercial winegrowers is available to the home gardener in versatile and cost effective 100m rolls.


OLIRETE Olive and Nut collection netting / bird netting. Light weight - low cost.  Knitted with a small sized square shaped mesh.
Olirete is easy to handle and retains its shape.  Available in cut lengths 4m or 6m wide.

MILLENNIUM High strength polypropolene mesh.  Attractive silver colour!  Used for supporting climbing plants or for shrub/tree protection.
Also very handy for use as temporary fencing / pet control.  Available in rolls or cut lengths 1m or 2m wide. 

CINTOFLEX Lightweight, high strength, polypropylene mesh. Used for plaster reinforcement, fencing, bird protection and more.
Available in 3 widths and 2 grid sizes - 100m rolls or cut lengths.

FOOD NET Food grade drying mesh. 9mm sq. aperture for effective air circulation.
Also used for fencing, rigid windbreak or hothouse/aviary ventilation. Available in rolls or cut lengths 1m wide.
TENAX RF1 High strength extruded polyproylene plaster and concrete reinforcement mesh.  Ideal for use in home concreting projects to reinforce and prevent cracking. Available in rolls or cut lengths 1m or 2m wide.
GIGAN and Dragon safety fence  1.2m high, high strength, durable and long lasting. Available in 30m rolls - Green or Orange.

Polynet 8page  Product/Price Catalogue pdf available here.

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