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Cintoflex - Fencing, Pet, Bird & Plaster Mesh.



Tenax Cintoflex is a range of lightweight, high strength fencing meshes manufactured by means of extrusion and bidirectional molecular orientation.

The addition of special additives ensure a high level of resistance to UV degradation.  Cintoflex is an excellent lightweight fencing material ideal for use on sports courts, golf courses, pet and stock (or crowd) control.  It has been used on aviaries, bird (exclusion) cages and to stop birds from entering barns and lofts. Cintoflex has been used to keep birds and pests from fish or settlement ponds.

It is also being used for plaster reinforcement during the building of alternative material buildings.

Cintoflex is black , weighs 70gm/sqm.  Tensile strength - longitudinal direction 4.5 kN/m - transversal direction 6.5kN/m.

Available in rolls: 1m x 100m(EMD), 1.5m x 100m(M) 2m x 100m(EMD) & 3m x100m(D) - please contact for freight quote.

Cintoflex E - 12mm x 14mm mesh size. 
Available in rolls: 1m x 100m & 2m x 100m.

Cintoflex M - 17mm x 24mm mesh size.
Available in rolls: 1m x 100m, 1.5m x 100m & 2m x 100m. 

Cintoflex D - 21mm x 34mm mesh size.
Available in rolls: 1m x 100m, 2m x 100m & 3m x 100m.

Mesh size indicative only - there is some variation in grid size due to the manufacturing process used.

Prices do not include freight or GST.