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Biorete 50 Air Plus - Insect Mesh

Biorete 50 Air Plus is a new, heavy weight, finely woven HDPE mesh.

Designed to protect crops from insects, pests and harsh environments while maximising air movement for lower humidity and an improved microclimate.

Biorete 50 Air Plus is tightly woven, from highly consistent HT Arlene monofiliment threads, resulting in a durable mesh with excellent weight/strength ratio.

Ideal for grow house ventilation or for use on large cloches and semi permanent structures where an insect free, low shade environment with good air movement is required.

While designed to exclude insects - Biorete 50 Air Plus will also give protection from heavy rain, hail, wind and light frosts. 

Biorete 50 Air Plus is woven from strong transparent monofiliment HDPE threads to form a mesh with a tiny hole size of 0.33mm x 0.68mm,  it weighs 78grams/sqm and provides shading of around 11%. 

Available in rolls:  2.1m x 100m & 4.2m x 100m

Home Gardener rolls: 2.1m x 5m, 2.1m x 10m, 4.2m x 5m & 4.2m x 10m

Download Polynet's 8 page pdf Product Information and Price Catalogue here!