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Olive & Nut collection / Bird Net

As used in Europe to collect Olives and Nuts and prevent soiling.

Olive nets are designed for the collection of olives and nuts as they fall or while being harvested. 
The use of Olirete olive and nut collection net reduces crop loss and retains a cleaner drier crop preventing damage and decay.

All three nets are knitted from lightweight but strong UV stabilised HDPE monofilament threads and have reinforced lateral and central selvages.

These can also be used very effectively as bird netting to protect crops from birds and pests.
This is done either as a drape over berry crops and small trees or in the construction of cloches or larger protected gardens.

They are knitted with a square shaped mesh - which is often easier to handle and retains its shape better than some diamond shaped mesh.

These Incredibly versatile monofiliment nets have been supplied for a wide range of uses including; bird proofing of barns & sheds, bird protection for boats, fish pond cover, swimming pool cover and for use as a drying mesh.

Olirete M

Light green.  Manufactured from lightweight high density polyethylene mono-filament yarns.  5mm x 7mm mesh, 30 gms/sqm.
Reinforced with lateral and central selvages.

Available in pieces  4m x 8m & 8m x 8m with central slit for wrapping around trees.


Dark green. 6mm x 7mm mesh, lightweight - 32g/sqm. Shading 13%.
Bulk rolls - 4m x 250m or 6m x 167m
Available in cut lengths as required  or prepacks - 4m x 10m or 4m x 20m

Elaion Extra

Dark green, 5mm x 6mm mesh, strong and durable, heavy weight 64g/sqm.
Elaion can be used as a shade net (shading 24%) that will also provide hail protection.

Bulk rolls - 5m x 100m

Available in cut lengths as required  or prepacks - 5m x 10m or 5m x 20m

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