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Biomaglia Anti-Insect / Psyllid Netting


Biomaglia is a new, super fine, light weight polyester mesh used for the protection of crops from insects - including the tiny Carrot Rust Fly and Potato or Tomato Psyllid.

Protect your crops from the damage these and other insects can do and stem the spread and damage caused by viruses.

Available in Home Gardener Rolls - 2.1m x 10m, 2.1m x 20m, 4.2m x 5m, 4.2m x 10m, 8.6m x 10m, 8.6m x 20m, 12.6m x 10m and cut lengths 2.1m, 4.2m & 8.6m wide.

Full Rolls - 2.1m x 100m and 4.2m x 100m

Prices do not include GST.  

Bulk rolls - 2.1m x 200m, 4.2m x 200m, 8.6m x 200m and 12.6m x 200m available.

More information here.