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Elaion - Olive & Nut Collection Netting


Elaion nets are designed for the collection of olives and nuts as they fall or while they are being harvested.  The use of olive and nut collection netting reduces crop loss and retains a cleaner drier crop, preventing damage and decay.

These nets are also being used very effectively to protect crops from birds!

Elaion is knitted from lightweight but strong UV stabilised HDPE monofilament threads and has reinforced lateral and central selvages.

Dark green, 6.7mm x 7.1mm hole sixe, lightweight 32g/sqm, shading 13%.

Available in Pre-cut lengths: 4m x 10m, 4m x 20m, 6m x 10, 6m x 20m or cut to length required 4m or 6m wide.


Bulk rolls: 4m x 250m  &  6m x 167m - Contact Polynet for a freight quotation.