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Polynet Products Limited


 Polynet Products Limited imports and distributes a range of quality knitted polyethylene and extruded polypropylene mesh netting products from Italy.

We are proud to supply innovative solutions for Horticulturalists and Commercial Growers in New Zealand, Australasia and the South Pacific.

Polynet Products Limited supplies a range of Horticultural products to Home Gardeners, Commercial Growers, Nurseries and Flower Growers.

Download Polynet's 8 page pdf Product Information and Price Catalogue here!

We also supply goods to Garden Centres and Horticultural Distributors throughout New Zealand.


Mikroclima crop protection cover, knitted polyethylene covers that protect crops from frost, heavy rain, hail, flying insects and birds.
Fibreglass Rods, Ecotex weedmat, Hortonova flower support netting, Olirete olive & nut collection netting and more...

Sidenet for Grapevines

Polynet SideNet, the new narrow mesh side netting, developed by Polynet Products for New Zealand grape growers.

Polynet SideNet is a lightweight low-cost sidenet with a narrow mesh to exclude the smallest of birds. Read more...    

Tenax - Extruded Mesh

New - extruded and bi-oriented polypropolene mesh imported from world leading Italian manufacturer Tenax International.

Millenium Silver, Tenax FR1, Cintoflex M/D and Gigan or Gragon safety mesh/fence - lightweight but very strong!