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Ranch Fencing Mesh


Ranch is a new medium weight fencing mesh.  Ranch is extruded in two directions forming a mesh which is strong and durable but lightweight and easy to handle.

With a high level on grid conformity Ranch is easy to work with and easy on the eye.  

Ideal for semi-permanent or temporary fencing solutions for pets or stock control.
The non toxic Polypropylene will not hurt animals.  Great for shrub or tree protection.

Permanent light green colour, weight 140g/sqm, mesh size 27mm x 42mm.
Tensile strength - 9.3 kN/m & 17.0 kN/m.  UV Stabilised - 10 year plus lifespan.

Available in 1m and 1.5m widths 

Cut lengths - min 4m please.

Combine with Fibreglass Rods - 13mm x 1.36m and/or 16mm x 1.4m rods for an excellent temporary fence.