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Tenax RF1 - Concrete Reinforcing Mesh


Plaster and  Concrete Reinforcement Mesh

TENAX RF1 is an effective anti-cracking, reinforcement solution used in concrete
flooring, paths and driveways.  Also used to support and reinforce plaster construction. 
TENAX RF1 is a rectangular polypropylene mesh manufactured by means of extrusion and bi-directional molecular orientation.  This achieves a very high strength net
that is tear resistant while also being flexible and light.

TENAX RF1 is silver in colour, weighs 160g/sqm and has a mesh size 30mm x 45mm.

Tensile strength - longitudinal direction 9.3 kN/m - transversal direction 17.0kN/m.

Available in rolls 1m x 50m, 2m x 50m and cut lengths 1m and 2m wide.

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